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DIY Magnetic Fly Screen Kits. Easy to install.
Fast, Australia wide delivery.


Would you like an inexpensive method to keep them out?

Magnetic Flyscreen Colours

Silver is not available

The answer is DIY Magnetic Fly Screens by Magnetic Properties.
Magnetic Properties Fly Screens are easy to install – all you need is a pair of scissors or knife and a caulking gun (available from any hardware store for around $10).
A 15mm flat surface around your window is all that is required to adhere the magnetic flyscreen.
Colours: available in white, black, beige, brown and Primrose.


DIY Magnetic Fly Screens and Fly Screen Kits.

Q. Are they easy to install?
A. Yes, very easy.
Q. Do I need any special tools?
A. Just a caulking gun, a pair of scissors & a sharp knife.
Q. Do they suit wooden windows?
A. Yes, because they utilise 2 magnetic strips – one stuck on the frame – the other to the mesh, they suit windows made of all materials.
Q. What surface do you need to mount the flyscreen?
A. You need a flat surface of at least 15mm width right around the window.
Q. Can they be mounted inside or outside?
A. Yes, they can mounted to either.
Q. What type of window do they suit?
A. They suit all types of windows provided no handles protrude through the surface where the screen will be erected.
Q. Do they suit motor vehicles?
A. Yes, but they utilise right angle corners.
Q. Are they suitable for bush fire areas?
A. Yes, you must request stainless steel mesh.
Q. Do they prevent sand flies and midges?
A. Yes, you must request the fine mesh
Q. Will they be good for security or prevent a child from falling out?
A. No


DIY fly screen kits. Affordable and easy to install.

Installing your Maglab DIY Magnetic Fly Screen(s)

Step 1 Ensure surface is flat and at least 15mm wide
Step 2 Clean surface of all grease and dirt
Step 3 Remove backing tape from part A magnetic tape and adhere to window frame. Trim to size.
Step 4 Place part B magnetic tape on part A (magnetic to magnetic). Trim to size. Step 5 Remove backing tape from part B magnetic tape and fix mesh. Trim off excess.
Step 6 Using a caulking gun (not supplied) apply thin bead of silicone to mesh and magnetic strip.
Step 7 Apply plastic edging and place over mesh & magnetic tape. Press firmly to ensure best adhesion. Trim to size.
Step 8 Remove backing tape and apply self adhesive corner pieces into position. Allow 24hrs to dry before lifting the screen from the magnetic tape.


Buy Fly Screen Kits online. Fast, Australia-wide delivery.

This is an obligation, free quote.
You will receive your costing by reply email.
If you wish to proceed simply ring the given phone number with credit card details or EFT the funds and the goods will be dispatched by courier.
If you have any questions or require a sample to be sent out please call us on (02) 4324 6784.
It is often more cost effective to purchase more than one screen. Fly Screen Kits will be made & labelled for each window.
An average window 1,000mm x 1,000mm costs $65.00 each.
Measure & installation service is available in limited areas.
Colours: available in white, black, beige, brown, and silver.

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